“A Place Where Love Works”

We stand upon the foundation of the past and use it to launch us into the future that God has planned for all of us. We have gathered together, cast new vision, define our core values, and have charted a course for the future. We have begun to make our DREAMS become bigger than our MEMORIES.

Our History

We were founded in 1916. In 1998 a video was commissioned by Rev. Edward Jones. This video depicts that 75-year history of our church. We hope that you will enjoy looking back to our beginning.

Our Vision

"Love one another…by this everyone will know that you are my disciples – if you love one another." (John 13:34-35)

Biblical Foundation
The Bible is our source for all that we do as a church.

Continuous Spiritual Growth
We create environments for spiritual growth at every level.

Responsive Compassion
It is our responsibility to respond with compassion to those in need.

Authentic and Generational Relationships
This will be a spiritual family that crosses generational gaps and creates “a place where it’s OK to not be OK.

Excellence Honors God
Everything we do in our community and in our church should be done with excellence and care.

This Sunday

July 30th


YOU ASKED FOR IT: End of Summer Message Series

We all have questions about life. The church should be a place where we can find answers to tough questions and talk about tough topics. The great thing about our culture today is that we aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions – but at the same time, we as the church cannot be afraid to give the right and true answers to these questions directly from Scripture.

The greatest tragedy in this generation and in this culture is that we think we know everything and we actually believe things that aren’t grounded in truth. We not only need to know WHAT we believe, but we need to be able to rightly explain WHY we believe it. That is what the “YOU ASKED FOR IT” message series is all about.

Once Saved, Always Saved? Hebrews 10:26-27; Luke 15:24

One of the more popular doctrines of some mainline denominations is that of “once saved, always saved.” It’s the idea that once someone has accepted Jesus Christ and have their sins taken away, then that person can never be lost, no matter what they choose to do with their life.

Join us this Sunday at 10:00am we honestly and openly talk about this topic and go to The Word of God to find the truth.

Meet Our Team

The warm and friendly staff of New City Church welcomes you.


Eric Spanier

Lead Pastor

Pastor Eric and Tiffany came to New City in 2010 following their wedding. From 2010-2013 they served on staff as Youth and Children's Pastors. In March of 2014, they were commissioned as Lead Pastors of New City. They have two children, a son named Parker and a daughter named Kylee.


Jaye Beck

Administrative Coordinator

Jaye and Ray have been longtime members of New City and together bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the corporate world. In 2000, Jaye felt the Lord lead her to retire from the corporate world and join New City as Administrative Coordinator. Jaye and Ray have two children and four grandchildren


Vernon Jefferies

Associate Pastor

Pastor Vernon and Emma are long time members of New City and faithfully served in many different ministries throughout their time here. Pastor Vernon currently serves in leadership over the Senior Adult and Visitation Ministry. They have two sons, two daughters, and nine grandchildren.


Casandra Needs

Children's Ministry Director

Brian and Casandra have years of experience working with children as teachers, coaches, and through the ministry of "Kids Rock 4 Christ." They currently serve as the Children's Ministry Directors. They have three children, Kyle, Taylor and Isabela.


Sandra Tracy

Worship Ministry Director

Sandra and Brett have been faithful members of New City for years and they both serve in various ministries throughout the church. Sandra currently serves as our Worship Ministry Director. They have one son named Josh.


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